The Award-Winning Marlow-Hunter 33 is a stunning sailing yacht. Keeping with the Hunter of yesterday’s signature window line gives this yacht the sleek feel of the latest Marlow-Hunters, but the improvements do not end there. The hull design has been improved, featuring a wider beam further aft as well as a more profound bow hollow. The result of this hull design is a longer dynamic waterline, which means more speed. The deck features a sleek, modern profile with large side windows allowing for increased interior light. The deck hatches are flush-mount, offering an enhanced look that complements the new profile. Lengthening the cockpit has allowed the Marlow-Hunter 33 to have a cockpit that is longer than its predecessor. The cockpit of the Marlow-Hunter 33 also features a fold-down swim platform that extends the already lengthy cockpit when folded down while the boat is docked or at anchor.

Extending the cockpit allows for a larger master aft cabin that features more headroom. Overall, the interior has been enhanced with a richer look and feel. Enhancements start at the sole of the interior which features a hardwood flooring look that accentuates the true beauty of the Marlow-Hunter 33’s interior. Corian galley countertops feature complementing stainless steel fiddles that not only keep items from falling off the countertops in a seaway but also serve as excellent hand holds when moving about below. The interior wood used for the bulkheads as well as cabinet doors has been rotated 90 degrees so that the wood grain runs horizontally instead of vertically. Not only does this add a crisp modern touch to the interior, it also gives the eye an impression of a larger interior space.

The salon features several intelligent enhancements. To starboard, the comfortable settee features a center section that easily flips up to create a convenient chart table. The beauty of this system is its robust design…and no moving parts to wear out! To port, the elegant dinette sports Marlow-Hunter’s unique Easy Lift system. With a few simple cranks, the dinette table lowers to form the base of a double sleeper sofa. Above, near the overhead, Marlow-Hunter has thoughtfully provided flat, fiddle-protected cabinet tops that supply even more storage space.

Sail away on a Marlow-Hunter 33 for $148,998.

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  • Length Overall 33’6″ 10.21m
  • Hull Length 33’1″ 10.08 m
  • Waterline Length 29’5″ 8.97 m
  • Beam 11’6″ 3.51 m
  • Draft – Shoal 4’6″ 1.37 m
  • Draft – Deep 5’6″ 1.67 m
  • Displacement – Shoal 12,400lb 5,624 kg
  • Ballast – Shoal 3,579 lb 1,623 kg
  • Ballast – Deep 3,459 lb 1,569 kg
  • Mast Height – Standard 46’7″ 14.20 m
  • Mast Height – Furling 51’11” 15.80 m
  • Sail Area – Actual (Standard) 625 sq ft 58.1 sq m
  • Sail Area – Actual (Furling) 542 sq ft 50.4 sq m I 37’5″ 11.41 m J 10’10” 3.30 m
  • P – Standard 36’5″ 11.10 m
  • P – Furling 41’0″ 12.51 m
  • E – Standard 13’10” 4.22 m
  • E – Furling 14’7″ 4.45 m
  • Headroom 6’6″ 1.98 m
  • Fuel Capacity 25 gal 95 L
  • Water Capacity 50 gal 189 L
  • Holding Tank Capacity 15 gal 57 L
  • Water Heater 5 gal 19 L
  • Inboard Engine – Standard 21 HP 15.3 kW
  • Inboard Engine – Optional 29 HP 21.3 kW
  • CE Classification A/8

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