Trusted sailboat manufacturers since 1973.

Alubat has pioneered the design and engineering of aluminum, lifting keel sailboats and pride themselves on their in-house team of naval architects including Philippe Briand, Jean-Marie Finot, Michel Joubert and Marc Lombard. This unique construction offers the advantages of being both light weight and sturdy… yet flexible.

Alubat is the European leader on the market of aluminium sailing boats and offers 2 different sailboat lines:
OVNI – swing keel, 36 ft. to 52 ft. • CIGALE – fixed keel, 45 ft. to 73 ft. • Alubat 58 Ketch – swing keel or fin keel


Skilled Craftsmanship

Alubat sailboats are made by skilled craftsmen in their 10,000 sq. meter boat yard in southwest France. They offer a range of monohull swing keel and monohull ultra-light displacementfin keel boats.

Each boat can be tailored according to the wishes of the owner, making it unique in its internal layout & design. The hull and deck are constructed separately and both are built using aluminum ribs and stringers, much like a wooden boat. Aluminum plates are then welded onto the frame and the main ballast (lead encapsulated in resin) is attached to the hull on either side of the keel box.

The swing keel is therefore able to be lighter in weight and maneuvers up and down hydraulically or with a system of pulleys. The rudder is also designed to lift ninety degrees allowing the boat to actually sit on dry land when both keel and rudder are fully lifted. Or you can choose to have double rubbers instead. This unique feature provides steadiness in open waters and access to shallow waters for pleasure and safety.

OVNI 365

ALUBATS’s experience in centerboarders and Marc Lombard’s reputation with in terms of performance have been united togethercombined for the first time to produce the OVNI 365: a total success concerning as far as vessel approval, its comfort and its stunning performances are concerned. Upwind or downwind, on long trips or just coastal cruising, the OVNI 365 will satisfy the most demanding of skippers.

On the wind as at running the OVNI 365 will satisfy even the most demanding sailors.

  • Swing Keel
  • Hull Length: 37′
  • LOA: 39’
  • LWL: 35’
  • Max Beam: 12’8″
  • Draft: Centerboard Down 7’7″
  • Draft: Centerboard Up 2’6″ *Centerboard can fully retract*
  • Light Displacement: 19,400 lbs.
  • Ballast Weight: 6,172 lbs.
  • Engine: Nanni Diesel 38 hp
  • Optional Engine: Volvo 40 hp + 3 Blade Propeller
  • Fresh Water Tank: 85 gal.
  • Fuel Tank: 48 gal.
  • OVNI 395

    The smooth and accurate helm control will say a lot for of its nautical qualities: remaining both stiff in a breeze and efficient in performance, this Briand plan must be tried out… With her generous forms and the quality of the installed amenities aboard, this boat will offer you exceptional comfort on board, both at sea and at anchor. The cabins are large, and the main cabin is spacious with enough space around the table to facilitate circulation.

    With its 60 cm high drift draft, you can go and discover the real world ...

  • Swing Keel
  • Hull Length: 40″
  • LOA: 41’6″
  • LWL: 34″
  • Max Beam: 13’4″
  • Draft: Centerboard Down 6’9″
  • Draft: Centerboard Up 1’9″ *Centerboard can fully retract*
  • Light Displacement: 19,400 lbs.
  • Ballast Weight: 7,054 lbs.
  • Engine: Volvo 55hp Diesel
  • Fresh Water Tank: 114 gal.
  • Fuel Tank: 66 gal.
  • CIGALE 16

    Everything is new on this CIGALE 16, everything but the concept and the name of course.

    When you say “CIGALE” to a blue water sailing lover, it echoes in his/her ear like a familiar legendary name. But the brand new CIGALE 16 is everything but an extrapolation of known recipes, it is indeed a new concept of fast cruiser, comfortable and elegant. In this project developed with Marc Lombard, ALUBAT has decided to combine both the progress accomplished in naval architecture and the technical improvement of our shipyard.

    As a result, we designed a more reliable, more elegant and more comfortable CIGALE 16. 100% new, 100% aluminum, 100% CIGALE. Pure lines and a completely cleared deck.

    The 100% aluminum construction quality of ALUBAT and the unequaled experience of our metal work team have been dedicated to create this beautiful unit that is the new CIGALE 16: Flush deck hatches, halyard passage under the deck, coaming’s plexi recessed under the roof-coaming. Everything was deeply thought to give an exceptional line to this new CIGALE 16 by Marc Lombard.

  • Overall length: 12,34 m / 40’ 5”
  • Hull length: 11,99 m / 39’ 4”
  • Waterline length: 11,00 m / 36’ 1”
  • Beam: 3,99 m / 13’ 1”
  • Displacement: 7.860 kg / 17.328 lbs
  • Standard keel draft: 2,10 m / 6’ 10”
  • Shoal draft: 1,55 m / 5’ 1”
  • Engine power: Yanmar 40 Hp / 29 kW
  • Cabins: 2 / 3
  • Berths: 4 / 6 + 2
  • Fuel capacity: 200 l / 53 US gal
  • Water capacity: 330 l / 87 US gal