Everything is new on this CIGALE 16, everything but the concept and the name of course.

When you say “CIGALE” to a blue water sailing lover, it echoes in his/her ear like a familiar legendary name. But the brand new CIGALE 16 is everything but an extrapolation of known recipes, it is indeed a new concept of fast cruiser, comfortable and elegant.

In this project developed with Marc Lombard, ALUBAT has decided to combine both the progress accomplished in naval architecture and the technical improvement of our shipyard.

As a result, we designed a more reliable, more elegant and more comfortable CIGALE 16. 100% new, 100% aluminum, 100% CIGALE. Pure lines and a completely cleared deck.

The 100% aluminum construction quality of ALUBAT and the unequaled experience of our metal work team have been dedicated to create this beautiful unit that is the new CIGALE 16: Flush deck hatches, halyard passage under the deck, coaming’s plexi recessed under the roof-coaming. Everything was deeply thought to give an exceptional line to this new CIGALE 16 by Marc Lombard.

The deck layout highlights the fact that aluminium can also be elegant: rounded shapes, integrated halyard routing and flush portholes represent the main caracteristics. Easy to maneuver with a small crew. Being able to maneuver from the rear of the cockpit gives more space for living onboard.

The inflated dinghy can be stored on the large quarter deck which becomes an unrivalled sunbathing place at anchorage.

The hard chine hull of the CIGALE 16 gives more stability and more power, allowing the boat to have larger sails.

The thin bilge pieces, keel and double rudder designed by marc Lombard make the most of this superb hull.

It is possible for a small crew to tap into the full potential of the boat because of the simple and functional deck layout.

Provided with a very modern hard chine hull, the CIGALE 16 has all elements to be an exceptionally fast sailing cruiser under all conditions and on all seas : The powerful hull is designed with maximum waterline, reduced wet surface and light displacement for speed, upwind as well as long planning in the trade winds.

Moving the mast backwards, in addition to elongated rigging and forestay sail, provide important propulsion under any conditions and remaining easy to handle. Comfort – the deeper and larger cockpit, wether equipped with simple or optional double steer, permits a small crew to handle the boat easily and safely.

Easy access to the large aft skirt provided on both sides without having to step over the taffrail. Besides, the way around the wheel is clear. Everyone's comfort is thus guaranteed.

True to the CIGALE tradition, the new CIGALE 16 proposes to the crew a beautiful aft saloon that will certainly witness some memorable evenings with an amazing view through the bathing platform portholes just above the water line. The CIGALE 16 can be built in a 3 or 4 cabin version. The light oak interior layout in a refined style underline the modernity of the conception and the quality of this Marc Lombard design. The interior is true to the CIGALE design, so popular among our CIGALE owners who are living on board and blue water sailing. A vast saloon with a side and back view on the sea, centered galley and chart table, front cabins, ever present light, studied ventilation, make the new CIGALE 16 a boat custom made for fast cruising or journeys in the greatest comfort. With the two helm stations as an option, or just with one, at all paces and in all mooring areas, you will benefit from the qualities of this new CIGALE 16: efficient, easy and safe under all circumstances.

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CIGALE 16 Specs

  • Architect: Marc LOMBARD
  • Length over all: 16.57 m | 54.36'
  • Hull length: 15.99 m | 52.46'
  • Length at waterline: 15.90 m | 52.17'
  • Maximum beam: 4.79 m | 15.72'
  • Draft: 2.46 m | 8.07'
  • Air draft: 23.58 m | 77.36'
  • Light displacement: 11.5 T
  • Keel weight: 3.3 T
  • Maximum displacement: 14.00 T
  • Sail area on the wind: 142.1 m2 | 1,529.5 ft2
  • Main sail: 69.5 m2 | 748.1 ft2
  • Genoa: 72.6 m2 | 781.5'
  • Staysail: 36 m2 | 387.5 ft2
  • Genaker: 135 m2 | 1,453.1 ft2
  • Spinnaker: 205 m2 | 2,206.6 gt2
  • Water tanks: 600 L | 159 gallons
  • Fuel tanks: 400 L | 106 gallons
  • Engine: 55 cv
  • C.E. approval class: A

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